High work over costs associated with pulling and replacing a failed ESP, impacts significantly on the economic viability and completion of an operation.

The loss in production from the well between ESP failure and replacement, highlights the necessity to increase the overall run life of the system.

BINA ENERGY Engineering designed/ Manufactured and patented the Tandem ESP completion system, and in doing so has produced an innovative solution to the problem.

The system will allow operator to run two complete systems in one well, essentially increasing the overall system run life.

When failure occurs in the first unit, a second unit is brought into action, this extending the time between work over. This reduction in work over frequency and minimization of production losses, Results in radical financial gains for operation companies.

The Tandem ESP Completion is a simple extension of the field proven standard Y-tool ESP completion.

In this new system, suspension of a second ESP and Y-tool unit on the logging bypass of an upper unit, still allows access to the well below the ESP's.This unable logging or light work over to continue.

In addition , either the upper or lower ESP's can be operated by the use of wire line retrievable tools.

Equipped with an individual power transmission and well-head penetrators for each unit (and hence, dual penetrator packers). Tubing hangers and bonnets have also been incorporated, allowing out of the well to be cabled to the well-head junction boxes, whilst maintaining well pressure integrity.

The Tandem ESP System was to improve ESP operating costs via a reduction in work over frequency, the system 's development is destined to lead to other well applications, in particular high volume pumping from horizontal walls and multiple zone production.