The BINA ENERGY Dual Penetrator Tubing Head, incorporating Bonnet, Hanger and Spool is a unique wellhead attachment designed to be run in conjunction with the BINA ENERGY Tandem E.S.P. By pass System.

The Dual Penetrator Tubing Head allows two lines of Motor Lead Extension (MLE) to be fed through from the Tandem Pump System below, via the Dual Penetrator Packer, and attached at surface. The MLE is locked and sealed into the Tubing Hanger section of the assembly using specially designed Cable Penetrators.

The Tubing Spool, incorporating Casing Pack-off is made up to the Casing Head in conventional manner. The Tandem E.S.P completion is then run in the well and terminated with Dual Penetrator Tubing Hanger which seats in the Tubing Spool.

The Tubing Spool is designed to seal on 9 5/8" Casing with a Chevron style Pack-off. It also has the facility to plastic inject through two 1/2" L.P. ports set 180 apart. Two outlets, Studded X facility for Valve Removal Tool.

The Tubing Hanger has the facility for two Electrical Penetrators, one Control Line and one Electric Line cable. Interface sealing with the Tubing Bonnet and Spool are metal to metal. A C.I.W. Back Pressure Valve profile is machined internally to allow tubing to be sealed while installing Christmas Tree.

The Tubing Bonnet installed on top of Spool is also designed to accept two Electrical Penetrators and one Control Line.

The Complete assembly is rated up to 10,000 PSI and is suitable for H2S conditions .