The Bina Energy Wire line Bloc-B.O.P. is designed to seal around the wire line or tubing and hold pressure in the event of a blow-out, during wire line operations.
Hydraulically actuated Rams move in to close round the wire line, electric line or coiled tubing and positively seal, allowing safety of work while action is taken to 'Kill' the well.
The Bina Energy Bloc-B.O.P. is unique in design, offering ease of Ram change out with Hydraulic Cylinders mounted on sliding brackets, allowing rams to be changed in minutes rather than hours.
One of the many features of the B.O.P. is the facility for the operator to be able to easily view the position of the Rams, and at a safe distance, as the Rams move to the closed or open position.
This is accomplished by milled slots in the end of the Hydraulic Cylinder allowing the movement of the internal Hydraulic Piston to be viewed.
Another feature of the Bloc-B.O.P. is the Inner Seal Retainer Bar which holds the inner seal in position yet allows easy removal by simply sliding out OD Ram when re-dressing assembly. This saves the time consuming task of unscrewing tightly fitted socket screws.
The Bina Energy Bloc-B.O.P. is manufactured from material suitable for H2S service as specified by NACE MR-01-75 as specified in API 6A(latest revision).
All B.O.P's have full design approval from a recognized approved authority.

Design Features
Forged monobloc construction allowing daul, triple or quadruple configuration.
Hydraulic Cylinder assemblies support on sliding brackets allowing quick change out of Ram assemblies and re-dress.
Sighting area on end of Hydraulic Cylinders to view position of Rams as the move to closed or open position within Hydraulic Cylinder assembly allowing no rotation therefore negating the need for slot in Ram bore as used in conventional B.O.P.
Simple equalizer valve design threaded into body of Ram closed position, negating the milling of pockets to accommodate standard equalizers.
Retainer Bar to inner seal in Ram allows ease and speed of re-dress as opposed to conventional inner seal screws. Packing nut assembly can be removed for re-dress without the need to strip down Hydraulic Cylinder.
Rams can be easily backed up by 'ease-turn' handle arrangement.