The Bina Energy Integral Guide ram Assembly is designed specifically for use with standard Wire line/Coiled Tubing B.O.P.'s and is configured to accommodate Shear Seal and standard Inner Outer Seals.
The Integral Guide Ram is designed to eliminate the use of detachable guides which can be easily damaged or fitted incorrectly, which may result in serious damage to B.O.P or failure to function.
The Integral Guide Ram incorporates a Slide Retainer Bar to locate the Inner Seal negating the use of screws which often become stuck and awkward to remove especially if the hex. Socket is sheared. The Slide Retainer Bar also allows for quick redress of inner Seal.
All Bina Energy Ram assemblies are available in standard wire sizes up to 7/16" Dia. And in Coiled Tubing sizes up to 2" Dia.
(depending on B.O.P. size). They are also available
for working pressure up to 15,000 PSI and are
manufactured from high grade steel to NACE
MR 0175-93 Specifications for H2S conditions.