The Bina Energy 'SXN' Equalizing Blanking Plug is primarily designed to be set in the 'SXN' Nipple profile used in the Bina Energy ESP By-Pass System, but can be configured to fit most competitor nipple profiles. It is a positive lock type Blanking Plug and is suitable for holding pressures up to 10000 psi in either direction.
The 'SXN' Equalizing Blanking Plug features a spring loaded mandrel which negates the use of a Prong to equalize. It is complete with an external type Fishing Neck which protects the Equalising and Locking mechanisms from being clogged up with sand or debris.
The 'SXN' Equalizing Blanking Plug is run and pulled using standard 'SB' type Running/Pulling tool or equivalent and is complete with a gauge adapter thread on bottom.
The Bina Energy 'SXN' Equalizing Blanking Plug is available in 1.875" , 2.313" and 2.75" seal bore sizes.


1. Make up wire line tool string with 'SB' running/pulling tool.

NOTE: When running into Bina Energy 'Wrynose' By-Pass
           system it is recommended that a Bina Energy Bow
           Spring Centralizer is used.

2. Attach Blanking Plug to 'SB' by pushing 'SB' dogs onto fishing neck of     Blanking Plug.
3. Run tool string into well using standard wire line procedures.
4. When Blanking Plug sets on NO-Go of nipple, jar downwards and     shear pins and lock plug in position.
5. Continue jarring to shear and release 'SB' running/ pulling tool.
6. Retrieve wire line tool string

Prior to re-pinning and subsequently running Equalizing Blanking Plug a visual inspection is prudent to ensure assembly is free from damage. Paying particular attention to the packing which should be replaced after run as a matter of practice.

1. Gripping Housing in vise pull on fishing neck until sheared pin and     1/4 " Dia. Hole are free and visible on mandrel.
2. Remove the shear screw remains using wire or needle through 1/4 "      Dia. Hole where necessary.
3.  Using screw driver remove other part of shear screw from housing.
4. Pushing fishing neck through until shear screw holes on mandrel      lines up with holes on housing.
5.  Fit new shear screws Part No.: S-000244