The Bina Energy Polished Bore Seal Assembly (P.B.S.A.) is a device used to take up any tubing movement resulting from Down hole conditions whilst retaining Tubing to Annulus Sealing integrity, The standard materials of manufacture and sealing arrangements can operate in an environment of 5% H2S and a temperature of 400 Deg.F.

The P.B.S.A is run on the Tubing String with the upper and lower sections held secure by a Shear Ring. The tool is designed to be run in one trip with an anchoring device and is positioned above the Hydraulic Packer Assembly. The Shear Ring can withstand both tailpipe weight and packer setting forces. On the standard set-up shearing is carried out using a straight pull, but if required a pre-spaced tool can be used to apply a set down weight to shear the ring.

The Bina Energy P.B.S.A. has these advantages over its rivals:

-  Connections are premium.
- Seals and Wiper Stacks are duplicated to give improved sealing     capacity.
-  Shear Ring is retained and cannot fall into and damage the Seal     Assembly.
-   It can be operated either up stroke or down stroke.

The P.B.S.A. can be manufactured to a clients own particular specification when the following information is available.

- Casing Size and Weight.

- Tubing Size and Weight (also thread type).

- Effective stroke of tool.

- Does the tool require pre-spacing, and if so how much down stroke is    required.

- Service and temperature requirement.