The Bina Energy External Gauge Carriers have been designed to carry gauges into the Production Tubular to record pressure and temperature.

The Bina Energy Carriers offer a field proven design which is robust and simple to assemble. The Carriers comprise of Main Body, Top and Bottom Handling Subs, Manifold Block with integral Bellows Housing and Gauge Clamps. There are three maintypes of carriers, Cluster(4 Gauges), Tandem(2 Gauges) and single(1 Gauge).When assembled the Gauge are retained in a slot and held in place by a series of Clamps along its length, which ensures the gauges are contained within the profile of the Body O.D Thereby eliminating the possibility of any hang-ups when running.

The pressure and temperature of the production medium is transferred to the gauge via the Manifold Block and Integral Bellows Housing, which fits directly onto the gauge ends.

The Bina Energy Gauge Carriers are manufactured in a range of sizes up to a working pressure of 15000 PSI for standard or H2S services.