The Bina Energy Adjustable Union is a tubing string mechanical telescoping device designed to adjust the spacing within the tubing string where close tolerancing and accuracy is required.
It allows right or left hand rotation of the tubing string where necessary and can be placed in either tension or compression.
The Bina Energy Adjustable Union incorporates a 4 position locking system which allows the tool to be oriented to 45" maximum from desired position.
It is complete with threaded connections top and bottom to suit customer requirements and is available in stainless Steel for varying service conditions.


The Bina Energy Adjustable Union is simple in design allowing ease of operation and where required dismantling and assembling. The design allows the Adjustable Union to adjust telescopically to the required make-up length by means of Sealed Mandrel within a Cylindrical Housing which is the locked in position by a threaded Lock Ring and Key.
The stroke length is 24" full stroke allowing any length of adjustment from between 61" and 85" approx.
It is designed for working pressure up to 5000 psi and for H2S service and incorporates Vinton 90 Duro seals.


1. Remove Set Screws and unscrew Retainer Ring until the      Lock Ring is fully exposed.
2. Gripping Top Sub, pull Adjustable Union open until desired      length is achieved.
3. Using suitable 'Strap Wrench' adjust the Lock Ring in either      direction to lock Mandrel against Housing.
4. Replace Retainer Ring and Set Screws.

CAUTION: The Adjustable Union should never
                 be run without the Key.This ensures
                 there is no rotation of Union.